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warriors winter girls
warriors winter girls
8th Grade Champs

PHH City Warriors Spring 2022 Boys Tryouts

Dates - March 10th, 11th and make-up on March 16th

Location - Windy City Fieldhouse

Grade Breakdown - Thursday, March 10th

6-710 PM for 6th grade evaluations (court 1)

720-830 pm for 7th to 8th grade evaluations (court 1, 2)

Friday March 11th

430-530 pm for 3rd to 5th grade player evaluations (court 1, 2, 3)

Make Up Date - Weds, March 16th 730-9 pm (All Grades)

PHH City Warriors Spring 2022 Girls Tryouts

Dates - Monday, March 7th and make up Wednesday, March 9

Location - Windy City Fieldhouse

Grade Breakdown - Monday, March 7th from 530-645 pm (3rd to 5th grade player evaluations), and 7-815 pm (6th to 8th grade player evaluations)

Make Up Date - Wednesday, March 9th 730-845 pm (all grades)

*Players only attend one day for the tryout

Practices & Skills Workouts - Week of March 28th-June 3rd (90 minute practices+bi-weekly skills/fundamentals workouts providing nearly 20 hours of team practice/skills time)

Game Schedule:  Five tournament dates with targeted weekends of April 23+24, April 30+May 1, May 7+8, May 14+15, May 21+22, and June 4+5



Thank you for your interest as we continue to build out our Warriors effort here in Chicagoland! The PHH staff strives to provide a unique and effective developmental opportunity for the area’s most committed, talented youth players. The foundation of PHH City Warriors travel basketball is our structured, disciplined and passionate environment where commitment, personal values, and principles are the priority. Working in partnership with parents, we provide a high quality atmosphere for character development, seeking to prepare boys and girls for the pressures of playing at highly competitive levels of hoops and for life beyond. 

PHILOSOPHY: PHH, entering its 13th year of basketball in the Chicagoland area, offers a high level basketball educational experience teaching the development of critical team concepts in today's game and an emphasis on strong fundamentals for each player.

We will utilize offensive and defensive concepts to prepare players for high school basketball. Our teams will learn motion offense to foster spacing and ball movement along with a strong understanding of how to create good shots. A particular focus of the program is on half court man-to-man defense to help aid athletic development and its importance to succeeding at the next level. 

Success on the floor will be a result of this process, and we are not defined by championships, rather on the impact we leave on people. Our staff will hone in on the key leadership values and principles that we hope to pass on to today's youth. Rather than focusing exclusively on wins and losses, the top goal of PHH Warriors is to create memorable team experiences through which we positively impact a player's growth on and off the court.


Play Team Basketball

Play W/Passion

Play For Each Other


Skill Development – Execute Fundamentals

Improved Knowledge of the Game

Be Part of a Team – Love Your Teammates

Motivated For Future Improvement


Practice Hard

Be a Good Teammate

Be Coachable


Winter Warriors 2021-2022

Practices & Skills Workouts - Week of October 25th-March 11th practices, 90 minute practices+bi-weekly skills/fundamentals workouts (over 30 hours of team practice/skills time)

Game Schedule:  Approximately 25 Game Schedule for 2021-22 Season (League & Tournament Schedule) and a 3 on 3 Program Tournament at Windy City Fieldhouse

15 teams btwn Warriors Boys and Girls are currently competing this Winter

2021 Fall Warriors 

8 Fall teams with 72 players in our first Fall season

3rd/4th Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade PH Select

5th Grade Blue

6th Grade

7th Grade

7th/8th Grade

8th Grade

Grade Levels: 3rd-8th Grade Boys

Tryouts - Thursday, August 19th 5-9 PM (Make Up Date Wednesday, August 25 7-9 pm) @ Windy City Fieldhouse. Please reach out if neither of these sessions work on your calendar

Location - Windy City Fieldhouse

Weekly Practices - 7 total (90 minutes long) beginning week of August 30th through October 15th.

Fundamentals+Skills Workouts - Program-wide skills+strength and conditioning workouts on Saturday, Sept 4th (8-10 am) and Friday, Sept 17th (630-830 pm) at Mount Carmel High School along with weekly Fridays 430-530 pm at Windy City Fieldhouse (more details below on tentative outline)

Tentative Days/Times Outline For Team Practices+Skills

Monday:  530-7 PM (3rd & 4th Grade), 7-830 PM (5th & 6th Grade)

Thursday:  7-830 PM (7th & 8th Grade) - may also move 7-830 pm for both 5th & 6th grade this night

Friday: 430-530 PM (optional skills workout sessions for entire program)

Game Schedule: 10-12 total - Tournament dates & locations based on team availability+will provide flexiblity to accommodate families' fall sport commitments, targeted weekends of Sept 11/12, 18/19, 25/26, Oct 2/3, Oct 16/17

Season Cost: $650 (all Fall Warriors will be offered $100 off for entry into our 13th Annual Sunday Fall League to allow for additional gameplay opportunities before Winter season)

Uniform Package Fee (for new players): $135 total, all uniform fees priced at cost including reversible practice jersey, blue and white game jersey/shorts, warm up hoodie, team bag, socks


2021 Spring Warriors and 2020-2021 Winter Warriors Season Details included below

3rd Grade

3rd/4th Grade Blue

4th Grade PH Select

5th Grade Blue

5th Grade White

6th Grade

7th/8th Grade

8th Grade

Practices: 1 Hour 30 minutes weekly
Location-Windy City Fieldhouse
Dates- Week of March 22th - June 6th  (10 weeks, Easter Holiday Break off)
Total For Season: Approximately 15 Hours of Team Practice

Tentative Days/Times

Monday:  7-8:30 PM (6th Grade), 7-830 PM (4th Select)

Tuesday:  6:30-8 PM (5th Grade)

Thursday:  6:30-8 PM (3rd/4th Grade), 8-9:30 PM (7th/8th Grade Boys)

Skills Training

5 total sessions focused on individual fundamentals and improvement, Monday 730-830 pm or 830-930 pm, bi-weekly with Warriors teams/grades alternating weeks


Approximately 7 Weekends of Local and Regional Travel League Games+Tournaments (one weekend day) - April 10/11, 17/18, 24/25, May 1/2, 8/9, 15/16, 22/23 June 5/6

2020-21 Coaching Staff:
Jared Ashe (Coach and Director), Michael Kaye, Kevin Day, John Lazar, Garrett Hill, Neeraj Chemburkar

Team Costs:
$800 expected for total Spring season if competitive tournaments/games are allowed within the health guidelines and depending on local vs. regional tournaments for our levels

Uniform Fees:

$135 package includes Warriors Reversible Jersey/Shorts, Hooded Short Sleeve Warm Up, Socks, Team Bag

2020-21 PHH city Warriors Winter Travel Season

Thank you to all of families for trying out for the program. Selected teams below -

3rd Grade Blue and White

4th Grade Blue and White

5th Grade Blue and White

6th Grade Blue and White

7th Grade

8th Grade

Practices: 1 Hour 30 Min Practices: Beginning end October through early March
Location-Windy City Fieldhouse
Dates- Week of October 26 - March 8 (18 Weeks)
Total For Season: Approximately 30 Hours of Team Practice

Tentative Days/Times

Monday:  7-8:30 PM (6th Grade Boys)

Tuesday:  6:30-8 PM (5th Grade Boys)

Wednesday: 630-8 PM (3rd Grade Boys)

Thursday:  6:30-8 PM (4th Grade Boys), 8-9:30 PM (7th and 8th Grade Boys)

Friday: Fundamentals & Skills Sessions For 4th to 8th Grade teams, 430-5:30 PM (Warriors grades alternate weeks, 4th/5th, then 6th-8th)

Sunday Fundamentals & Skills Sessions For 3rd Grade teams, 11 AM-1200PM for 7 weeks in 2020 to enhance their early development, Nov 1, 8, 15, 22 Dec 6, 13, 20

Skills Training (Not mandatory but recommended of course):

8 total sessions focused on individual improvement, Fridays 430-5:30 PM 4th to 8th (alternating), Sundays 11 AM-1200 PM for 3rd Grade

Dec 2020 - Saturday (or perhaps one Sunday AM) intrateam/program scrimmage opportunities at Windy City Fieldhouse+suburban (Stevenson district, Lake Zurich, and Vernon Hills) intraprogram Warriors games (with parental consent)

Jan - March 2021 - Saturday game schedule TBD based on updated health guidelines and safety measures in place. Intrateam and program scrimmages will remain in place, if needed, and hopeful to add weekend tournaments if the health situation improves for the community. Total # of games expected are approximately 16-20 for each team.

2020-21 Coaching Staff:
Jared Ashe (Coach and Director), Michael Kaye, Kevin Day, John Lazar, Tahji McDonald, Neeraj Chemburkar, Taylor Moore

Team Costs:
$1250 expected for total Winter season (end of Oct-early March), if competitive tournaments/games are allowed within the health guidelines

$400 will be due upon acceptance of roster spot in mid-October (2020 team practice/skills sessions). 2020 Saturday/Sunday intrateam and program scrimmage costs will also be determined based on current health guidelines and parental consent. TBD cost for 2021 (not to exceed $850 for 2021 team practices/skills sessions+tournaments/league games provided in adhering to the updated Covid restrictions)

Uniform Fees:

$135 package includes Warriors Reversible Jersey/Shorts, Hooded Short Sleeve Warm Up, Socks, Team Bag

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6th Grade Champs
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