Private Lessons with Elite Skill Trainers

DESCRIPTION: Private Lessons with PHH skill trainers will be one hour in duration and will focus on improvement in basketball fundamentals and offensive skills.   Lessons will be tailored to each individual and their skill level.  You can choose from the following workouts:

Ball Handling  This will be a one-hour ball handling workout that will include stationary and full court dribbling, two-ball dribbling, dribble moves finishing with layups and jump shots, and improved footwork

Shooting  This will be a one-hour shooting workout that will break down and teach correct shooting mechanics. Training will also improve shooting off the catch, the dribble, dribbling moves and overall improved shooting footwork in all basketball situations

Combination  This will be a one-hour basketball training workout that will include both ball handling, shooting, and individual scoring moves off the dribble and the catch

6-17 years old experienced teacher for elite level players but also experienced in helping beginners enjoy learning the game of basketball

$100 per lesson for individuals

2 players $140 per lesson
3 players $150 per lesson

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