PHH  2022-23 Testimonials - Coming Soon!

PHH  2021-22 Testimonials

This email is to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this incredible opportunity of having our son Gabriel attending basketball camp. Gabe couldn’t be more motivated and committed to the game. He constantly practices drills and concepts that he learned this week. He can’t also stop talking about new friends he made. Last night he thanked us for all we do for him and his siblings. He told us they talked about being thankful at camp, and he has been acknowledging how lucky he is for having family, friends and sports he enjoys.

We will definitely be enrolling him in upcoming PHH sessions. -- Carla Van Buren

Thanks again for the follow up. I felt it important to let you know how excited Dylan was after camp today. His flurry of texts turned into a phone call. He was running down all the games and drills in great detail and was so proud of himself today. Just what we were hoping for -- Brad Torf

He has loved the camps that he attended this summer. -- Pete Densmore

Thank you for working with my son, Patrick Lin. He’s never played basketball before your classes, and he had little interest, but now he watches every playoffs game and is excited every time he scores. -- Grace Suh

Thank you David for the update. It was a great pleasure for us to have my son ( Musa) attend both spring and winter leagues in your supervision. He loves going to Basketball game every week. -- Maimoona

Coach A - Thank you for a great spring season.  I saw Aarav improve considerably.  I think his basketball IQ or basketball instinct came through during the last two games.  He scored 15 and 18 in each respective game.  Thank you for making the adjustments from last season.   -- Anup Bhojwani

Hello there.  Just wanted to say thank you again for your work with the Spring/Summer league. I had a lot of fun and it was good competition each week.  I know how much work you do and just wanted to share how much I appreciate it.

Looking forward to future events together! -- Marc Klemencic

Thanks for all your hard work! I know my 3 kids (David, Maggie & Jack) certainly learned a lot and had fun! -- Kristen Anderson

I just wanted to thank you so much.  Your program is excellent.  Caleb (ACC - Duke) improved so much this season.  We had him do this and park district basketball and now I can't stop him! We did take a walk around the neighborhood yesterday and he brought his basketball and dribbled the whole time and I thought about the advice you gave us on Sunday to have them dribble as much as possible!  So he's doing it!  We will see you at summer camp and then definitely next winter when basketball season comes around again!  Thanks and glad we joined the program this year! -- Christine Ponka

Would love for you to do more at st Mary’s! My girls loved playing basketball with their friends from school! - Kelly Graham

Thanks for all you do for my kids. Not only do they feel ahead of the curve because of your program but they all are willing to listen and learn how to play the right way. You have a great organization! - Mike FInke

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you what a great league this was! I thought the setup up doing a practice followed by games was great.

The games were competitive and fun. Having coaches jump in mid game to coach/ move the game along was very helpful and the kids learned a lot from this.


In my opinion, the secret sauce that made this league great was Ron. This was a big group of kids with skill levels ranging from Rookie to All Star. Ron was silly and fun at times but also serious and stern when need be. He did a great job of demonstrating the skills to the kids while also teaching us parent volunteers.

My son Liam did not want to do basketball at first but after a few weeks he became Mr. Basketball. Now we are always playing in his room ( or outside as things heat up) and he is very proud of his pivoting skills he learned and he can't wait to do another basketball class / league. -- Eddie Goldman

He had a really great time on this team and he definitely wants to play again. That’s what it’s all about!

Thank you for reaching out and suggesting this team for Nathan. You always make us proud to support PHH! I wish all youth sports gave me the same good feelings! -- Allison & Noam Alon

We also wanted to thank you for making his first experience with basketball a positive one. He had barely dribbled a ball before starting, and now he is loving the sport. He is looking forward to playing in the next season. Thanks again! -- Shana & Eric Kessel

Also, Andrew is really enjoying the program and keeps practicing by dribbling around our house + at Lifetime/Stevenson when his other siblings have games. -- Paul Stakiewicz

You guys are the best game in town! Thank you -- Bill McCoy

I've attached the highlights Jared put together from his last game, a win vs. Hersey.  Credit goes to Jared for really working on his game and credit goes to Play Hard Hoops for introducing him to loving the game of basketball and teaching him BEEF with his form (and me continually emphasizing it).


You should know that those who listen to Play Hard Hoops coaches, put in the time, and maintain a positive attitude will absolutely become better basketball players.  Jared has come a long way and still has more improvement and growth ahead of him.  But it all started with you...thanks. -- Michael Kamin

Thank you for all of the time and effort you put in for the kids in helping them grow and develop their skills. Both the skills classes and Saturday programs really helped him grown more this year and has also grown his love for the game!!!! -- Jim & Shane Shipley

Thanks Dave. We always enjoy your programs. It's my pleasure to be a part of it. You always have top notch people running them, and use great refs that understand the capabilities of the kids (got to admit that's a rarity as I'm learning from playing feeder with the boys). -- Chris Gardner

Dear Coach,

I am reaching out to let you know I made the Carmel basketball team, and I wanted to thank you for your help in reaching this step. You helped me grow as a player, both on and off the court, and I really appreciate it. I couldn't be the  player I am today without your help, and I thank you for that. -- Evan Villinski

As he said before this couldn't have been done without both of you. It was really cool to see how many folks made the Stevenson teams that we saw in PHH and that is kudos to all your hard work. -- Nrupal Shah


PHH  2020-21 Testimonials

Also wanted to let you know that Gabe did another basketball camp this week.  Although he enjoyed it he commented on how good the PHH camps are for teaching skills - Bethany Doerfler

Our son absolutely loved camp so we signed him up for another week in July. - Gina Reynolds

Kiran had a great time at camp back in June and I wanted to make sure we don’t miss any sign ups for the fall/winter. Looks like that hasn’t started yet but I just wanted to make sure. -Ravi Soni

Alec had a fantastic time the last two weeks! Thank you so very much for all you and the team do for these kids. It’s a joy - almost an impossibility these days, actually - to find a camp where parents know the kids are safe, physically active and achieving, AND important values are being shared. We are THANKFUL for the past two weeks! Additionally, Alec’s playing had a marked improvement. More importantly, your messages really sunk in for him. In today’s world, it’s so important for kids to see positive adult examples share lifelong messages about being a kind, strong contributor in the world around you; thankful for all you have; and a hard worker and good teammate. The five Words of Day hit the nail on the head! Alec appreciated and flourished in the PHH environment and we thank you and your team of incredible coaches - including Coach Kaye who shared the camp with us! THANK YOU FOR A GREAT TWO WEEKS, Coach Jared! -Samantha Kelly

I know our girls LOVED your program and I'm sure they will want to do it again. Thank you so much for such a great program. Simone has never loved basketball this much. - Olivia Lux

He had a great time today and seemed very tired when he got home (which is perfect!) - Jennifer Eklund

Have you had a mentor? You probably have. Whether he or she is a teacher or a coach,
you’ve had a mentor. Well my mentor is Coach Adelman. He was my basketball coach for a
while. He taught me the fundamentals and how to break and build habits for basketball. Coach
also told me how to keep a positive mindset. He was hard on me but wasn’t mean. He pushed
me to be the best I could be. - Evan Kamin

I know that trying to learn the game and develop the skills are taking some time with him but he always has such a positive attitude after going to your clinics and he really enjoys the experience. Thank you for your encourage and your patience with him and for all you do with the program.  - John Hope

PHH  Warriors Travel

I just wanted to send a note to say how grateful we are for Play Hard Hoops this winter. Andrew "AJ" started the season liking basketball, but he told me recently that he *loves* basketball now.  The Warriors program has been great. In addition to the opportunity for skillbuilding and exercise when COVID has made that challenging, the social interaction and sportsmanship has been so valuable. You and your 4th grade coaches have been fantastic. - Jodi Schwartz

He is LOVING playing for you all by the way, so glad he’s part of PHH! - Jon Nack

Thanks for being the bright spot in the pandemic - Nate loves the program.  - Deborah Gibbons

And let me take this time to thank you for all your hard work and tenacity. It’s tough enough running one team with a partner much less the entire Play Hard Hoops! Really appreciate all your incredible efforts. - Kier Cline

I just wanted to take a minute to thank the entire Playhard coaching staff, and particularly Coach Cobe. Today, we saw the grit and tenacity that Justin has been working so hard draw out of these boys.  Playing two games, with only five players and without a single sub, and in one game against much older players, they never quit.  In fact, when we had a player leave with an injury, resulting in us playing shorthanded for a stretch, the boys dug deep and didn’t give up a single point playing 4 on 5.  The extra running in practice that they have had over the past several weeks really showed in their stamina and endurance, and the practice competitions has really drawn out their internal fire.  The overall improvement in each of the boys was really evident to all of us watching.  I left the gym today incredibly proud of the effort the boys, and particularly Colin, put forth.  I am very thankful for all of your efforts to develop and improve each of our children.  - David Bauer



The instruction is really great. We’re lucky to have you. – Mark Ferguson

We truly can't thank this organization enough for providing this for our kids right now.  Logan gets a huge smile on his face each day when he knows it's a "basketball day."  Kids are struggling right now and missing sports, coaches, and their friends.  Your efforts to provide some normalcy during this difficult time is not going unnoticed.  We can't wait to be back on the court. – Scott & Amy Schmidt

The coaches were great and easy to follow along! Our boys were also so excited that they received individual attention and coaching to make the class more interactive. This was a great carryover from the skills classes. They keep asking when their next basketball “class” will be!”

We thought the classes were great for all the kids and looked forward to them. The breakout by age and summary of the class was also helpful so we know when to attend/what the class would be doing. The classes and the April videos have given us something to work toward until things go back to normal! – Rachel Blair

Thank you for the great workout today! It was so fun to see Gabe enjoying basketball again, he loved it. We really appreciate you doing this for the kids, it is so helpful for them to stay connected to the things they love.  –Wendy Deters

You’ve inspired the boys! Cohen was outside today and yesterday playing virtual basketball with the boys (Cam, Ty, and Kavin) via Zoom. They’ve had a blast playing horse! Thanks for supporting them! –Cristina Ottaviano

I just wanted to Thank-you and your staff for providing a safe, positive, fun and learning basketball environment for my son, Mason Brosnan.  He attended camp this past week at the Adversity Center and loved every minute!!  Everyday when he got home, he worked on his game.  In the morning, He would get up bright and early ready to go...and came home with a smile ear to ear.  I would ask “how was camp” and he said it was super Fun with FUN in all caps!  It was so nice and comforting for me knowing he was safe at camp.  I appreciate ALL your hard work and effort to make a difference in these kids lives- especially with this challenging time! Mason has really enjoyed your camps through the seasons and will continue to attend.  I hope you and your family are well and understand how much I appreciate what you do!!!  -- Renee Brosnan

Thanks for all your creativity and hard work during this pandemic to keep our kids engaged." --Mike Linehan

Coach A, thanks so much for having the camp. Anthony would come home with lots of smiles and excitement telling me about his morning. He’ll be at the August camp again! Thanks for everything you’re doing. – Valerie Dolenga

The small group session we’re doing this week w/Jared has been great! The kids are having a blast while also getting a really good workout. Definitely great to see them on the court again w/other kids too. They missed that interaction. His positive feedback is also pushing them to challenge themselves, especially in this heat! –Ericka Wentworth

My wife Rachel and I are grateful to have had the Play Hard Hoops program and coaches involved in our Lake Zurich community and work with our boys now for I think 8 years.  You have helped them foster a love of basketball...which makes it even more special for me, as the game of basketball is my passion as well.  What you guys have done over the course of this COVID-19 time is truly something we are so thankful for and will always remember.  It kept them active, moving, improving, and on-schedule.   – Michael Kamin

Thanks so much for your consideration. The boys have enjoyed the zoom classes immensely and my husband has commented on how much Alok’s skills have improved over the last several weeks. –Rilina

I definitely want him to continue with anything and everything PHH, we've seen such an incredible improvement from him. – Candrice Haight

That was awesome for the kids.  They had a great time while learning some good fundamentals.  August is getting pretty busy but hopefully we can schedule some more sessions. --Ryan Trautman

I don’t know how we would have survived this summer without your program and our hoop and backyard. I know all of our boys have really enjoyed the program and you have done an outstanding job coordinating it.  ---Michal Solovy

One thing for sure, as soon as you get back and if this small group training keeps going on, please train our kids again, as many times as you can😉.  Our kids really look up to you.  --Jinny Kim


Our Words of the Day and Core Values (Lessons Taught For Lifetime Use) With 2020 Parent Testimonials 
*Passion - Have Fun, Show Enthusiasm, & Love What You Do

You were such a great role model and an awesome coach to the kids. Luca for sure had the best time and developed his basketball better than he has ever done. More importantly, he did it loving his teammates and putting in hard work that you taught the teams. Thank you for the great season and we are so happy we were part of it this year. Hoping we can continue with you guys eventually when things get better out there. Thanks for the positivity!! -Stella Bantug

*Teamwork - Be a Good Teammate, Work With Others

Just wanted to add that Alex had a great time and so much fun this season and is actually pretty disappointed that the season went so fast. He greatly enjoyed both of your coaching, his teammates, and the spirit of competition that the program brings. Most importantly, he feels like he improved from the start of the season and feels good about himself (realizing of course that there are many things to improve on). So a big thanks from him, my wife and I for running a great program. – Vitaly Tsinman

*Attitude - Be a Positive and Good Person, Handle Good & Bad Times

We both really appreciate everything you've done as coach of the team, and Elliott. You've been an ideal balance of positive attitude with holding kids accountable, something Elliott needs to (hopefully) light the fire and help him realize his talents. We hope to have the chance for you to coach him again. all the best.    -Brian and Allison Vogt

*Character - Be a Genuine & Honest Person, Leader

Thank you again for the kind words about Benji. He’s learned a lot about the game from you and loves being part of your program. I’ve always been impressed by how you stress sportsmanship and fundamentals and your ability to teach things I don’t see being taught elsewhere. I’ve always spoken highly of you around town and will continue to do so, hopefully sending more kids your way. –Mark Ferguson

*Gratitude - Be Thankful , Appreciate What You Have And Not What You Don't

We just wanted to reach out and say thank you! Jack started with you in first grade and we distinctly remember the first night of his first skills class. Bob and I looked at each other and thought he would never really play basketball. It was painful to watch him struggle through every challenge you gave him. At the end of the season he said he would try it again, and over the years, he continued to improve and he just made his 6/7th grade basketball team as a 6th grader. He is also going to play LZHoops. Without your high expectations and follow through, he would never have made the progress he made. Thank you for showing kids they can, and teaching them respect for the game. We will forever be grateful to Play Hard Hoops and you!

2020 Testimonials City Warriors Travel

Henry really had a great experience with you and his teammates. He enjoyed all the practices, drills, games and time with the team -Kevin Preloger

I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for a fantastic basketball season for my son, Jack Mullins. Jack loves sports and he has participated in various leagues in soccer, baseball, etc. This year's Warrior's season was his absolute favorite. I was so impressed by how you run a practice. You are really preparing these boys to play in HS. Jack still talks about watching your Mount Carmel team play Providence. Overall, this was a first-class experience all around for Jack and our family. You really do a great job, and we feel lucky to have found this team. Thanks again for everything you do  -Brian Mullins

Myles absolutely loved this season and you are an amazing coach that has truly helped grow his love of the game. We are hopeful that he will be able to participate in the spring league and practice sessions when they happen  -Krissan Jennings

We really like you and coach Clay as well. We think Young and Teo have been learning so much from you, thank you so much for your hard work and enthusiasm   -Jinny West

And thank you for what you are doing with this program. I really love the attitude, I like all the coaches, and I am hopeful that Young and Teo can keep making progress under your leadership   -Brian West

You are all so dedicated and kind. Nolan really enjoyed the season and feels so lucky to have been a part of this great team  -Margot Paisley

Thank you, Jared for all you’ve done for the program and for all the kids this season. Gray loves playing for you and Brandon and I often talk about what a fantastic job you do coaching these boys     -Wendy Labrum

Thanks for a great season - Everett enjoyed it a lot and learned a ton! Really appreciate your coaching style too     -Hemal Vyas

Thank you so much Jared for an amazing first season for Cash! He loved every second of it and continues to say how sad he is that the seasons over. We’d love any recommendations you might have for summer basketball camps. We did PHH last summer and will do again this summer I’m sure   -Heidi Taylor

Thank you for this nice communication. Thanks for everything. You really built up Nate’s confidence and basketball skills this season! He is excited to tryout for Spring!    -Beth Pearlman

Michael & Connor love your program and have grown so much this past season. I know its sounds silly but you guys don't know how huge of a positive impact you have in our lives. My wife LeAnn and I are very appreciative of everything you do     -Mike Linehan

I wanted to thank you guys for a fun experience that helped both grow Levi’s skills and helped him develop as a person too. He had a ton of fun, and got to learn, experience and work through adversity - some of the best things a kid can learn from sports. Anyway - thanks again for a great year, you guys did a great job    -Matt LaPointe

Yesterday was lots of fun. We’re grateful for your wonderful coaching which has made the intro to travel basketball such a positive experience for Ben and his support staff    -Denise Gibson

Jackson is really enjoying playing on the Warriors, and I, personally, can see the benefits it's already had on him as a player. Yes, on his skills, but even more important, he's been more confident on the court these past couple months. During his school games, several parents have commented to me that they've noticed how well he's doing, and I've told them I think it comes from being on your team    -Julie Koca

It was so nice to see you at games yesterday. It was really exciting to see our warrior 4th graders in action and they did so well yesterday.Mason has made a lot progress this year - big thanks to you and the assistant coaches for all your passion, hard work and encouragement. He is extremely proud of his team and he also knows his strength and weakness. Since he does not much opportunity to practice outside warrior actitivies, I am hoping to find some other programs for him to practice more. I looked at the play hard hoops site and found there will be a skills sessions at windy city starting early January   -Lisha Chen

That was one of the best practices I have ever seen. making lemonade out of lemons. Use of the three baskets at each end was terrific    -Jim Warren

Just wanted to thank you for working with Aaron and Adam to this point. Adam made Platinum is pretty excited to get going with them whenever things resume. And Aaron had a blast and actually seems really committed to working as hard as basketball (if not harder) than soccer    -Albert Tsai

Coach we were so lucky to have Gabe be part of the team. You really lead a great program and Gabe got more passionate and got to be a better player    -Bethany Doerfler

Thanks again for everything you've taught Charlie. He really enjoyed this basketball season. Keep us posted on your plans for next year's travel season  -Karen Lust

Thanks for an awesome season and for making Lu's first experience with travel a great one. I was telling the other parents that it's rare when you get the trifecta of great coach + good kids + good families.  Lu's looking forward to having you as a coach at summer camp  -Kenny Mazursky

Davis has really enjoyed the season!! And has thoroughly enjoyed all the connections he’s made on the court - from his team to meeting new kids during skills practice. We look forward to wrapping the season up strong!   -Jennelle Ruder

2020 Windy City Fieldhouse Skills and League Session

Shiven currently is on a travel team that runs fall into March, but we are looking at options for next year and he loves Play Hard and the coaches like you!   -Jay Annadurai

Thanks so much for this class. I have seen many classes/camps/games, and this one has been great. Livia has learned so much, and the way the coaches teach has been so helpful and fun for her   -Lisa Whitmore

You do a great job. Lot of energy and a balance of breadth of instruction with repetition. The kids respond and learn a lot   -Stephen McClearn

Max really enjoyed the league and is looking forward to getting into one of the upcoming leagues you’ll be running  -Mike Stalilionis

Thanks for all you work with Henry & Alice, we really appreciate it. Early days but they seem so much more comfortable with the game, awesome to see them having fun and gaining skills every week!   -Jillian Todd

He's learning so much from you guys and counts down the days til he can hoop it up with you all  -Lori Alexander

Thanks for the great session last week. The kids really seem to get a exposure to great drills and feedback   -Christina Herzog

Thanks for all of your help with Rufus this year. He is gaining a ton of confidence    -Rudy Smith

My son has loved Play Hard Hoops. He is a 3rd grader and you will see him again next year   -Timothy Dana

It was nice meeting you. Jonah has fun. You guys put together such a good program   -Laura Gaan Lattin

Thank you for all the great information! My son Patrick O’Connor is having a blast playing on sundays!  -Michele OConnor

Hey Jared - Thanks for another great practice/game. You and your team do a really nice job with the kids - They all seem to really be enjoying it   -John Ferraro


It was emotional to see the kids there and thinking this may have been the last season they played together. I had to leave early yesterday but just wanted to say thanks for everything you have taught David and all these kids, not only about the game of basketball but also how to be a good player, fair and overall just good sportsmanship. –Ampa Ramos

Just wanted to add that Alex had a great time and so much fun this season and is actually pretty disappointed that the season went so fast. He greatly enjoyed both of your coaching, his teammates, and the spirit of competition that the program brings. Most importantly, he feels like he improved from the start of the season and feels good about himself (realizing of course that there are many things to improve on). So a big thanks from him, my wife and I for running a great program. – Vitaly Tsinman

Thank you all for your hard work in coaching the 4th Grade boys this season! Josh had an amazing experience and it was great to see his evolution from a player who counted his achievements by the number of cross-overs he successfully completed, to a player who is beginning to recognize the sum of the whole is greater than the parts...
Thanks so much for a fun and challenging 2019-2020 basketball travel season!! We look forward seeing you all again soon in more Play Hard Hoops programs! –Alan Meltzer

Also, thank you once again for thinking of Jakey for this season. He enjoyed it so much and so did we!!! We are so happy that it was able to work out! It was such a great group of kids and a fantastic coach! Sad it is ending! –Jaime Goldstein

Appreciate the support you have provided to our family over time to keep Tej and Pranit engaged in the spot you love. They learn every day for the instruction, both skills and important life lessons. –Chaitanya Kosaraju

2020 SKILLS Classes AND LEAGUE sessions

Just wanted to say thank you for a very fun and exciting basketball season for both Ari and Ian. The entire family had so much fun watching games, but we really enjoyed all the learning and basketball development that they can continue to work on all year. We love the PHH program and sing its praises to everyone we talk basketball with, and hope to see you this summer at some of your camps! –Matt Wozney

Thanks for an awesome season! Jaden really improved a lot, and we’re grateful for all of your work with him. –Shannon Garcia

Thank you again for the kind words about Benji. He’s learned a lot about the game from you and loves being part of your program. I’ve always been impressed by how you stress sportsmanship and fundamentals and your ability to teach things I don’t see being taught elsewhere. I’ve always spoken highly of you around town and will continue to do so, hopefully sending more kids your way. –Mark Ferguson

Program continues to do a nice job with the kids- thank you! –Jeff Grund

We have really enjoyed the season this year as it is far better than our other basketball experience over the last 2 years (where he wasn't learning much and the games were 1 man shows). We are sad we didn't switch him to your program sooner... –Doug Damascus

Hi Coach A and Coach Ron, thank you for the weekly emails, these are great and we talk to Noah (he's on Wisconsin) each week about what you guys are hoping to work on. He's improved a ton in the short time he's been in classes/league –Jake Stein

Sorry for the late add, we had to see when park district ball league was holding practice so we didn’t conflict. My kids love your program and wanted to do both! –Jen Lagoni

Thank you for all the information. You run a very well organized program and I greatly appreciate that. –Nicole Schultes

I will let Max himself to read your email! What positive encouragement to Max! He did put a lot effort into basketball, but never feel he could contribute average Points to his team. Thank you for you and other fellow wonderful coaches! –Miao Cui

I would recommend Play Hard Hoops. This Program has helped our son DJ in many ways. He started with joining the Skills and Drills and now he's apart of playing on a team. He's never been apart of a team before and just his first game played, he got recognized. That is pretty awesome to see. Second game today and they WON🏀💪🏽Can't wait to see what the rest of the Season brings –Michelrie Stitts

We are really impressed with how you teach the game!—Larissa Greenfield

On a side note, Ben is playing his second year at PHH (and 2nd year of basketball overall) and is obsessed! Thanks for all you do. –Joseph Latala

2019 Testimonials

I want to be sure that I don't miss the deadline to register for the next session. We are so thrilled with this program, it is our first time. -- Diya Sharma

You guys are by far the best program.-- James Warren

Victor is having a great time and learning so much. -- Theresa Jagasia

He loves the leagues on Sunday so I thought maybe he can do another one. -- Aylin Topalian

Brady loves it!!  Thanks so much!  Ron is fantastic with him and I sent him a text thanking him recently.  We hold him in very high regard -- Bill Fawcett

She is bummed to miss basketball, she has been having so much fun (and learning a lot!) -- Sue Fedea

My husband thinks u have the best run class with the best coaches -- Michelle Marsella

I just wanted to compliment the coach from play hard hoops.  I stayed at practice tonight to get some work done in the corner and was so impressed with how he ran practice.  My son literally never made a basket until a few weeks ago when the

PHH coach worked with him on his form.  He was so excited tonight when he made basket after basket. -- Lincolnshire Parent

Noam was at practice last night (Ela) and told me how he had sort of forgotten what an excellent skills program this is! -- Alison Alon

I have been so impressed, and Lex has really enjoyed and learned so much. -- Bethany Hoffman

He LOVES PHH and I can't imagine him ever going anywhere else!  Thanks for making such a great program available! -- Melissa Lundt

Every once in a while you see that your kid is a part of something really special...and that they are better because of that experience.  This Warriors team is one such example...good boys who love basketball with a coach that inspires them to give it their all.   Thank you for all that you have done for Evan...I can tell that his confidence in his abilities has grown this year as has his love for the game.  We look forward to this last weekend of basketball...a bittersweet end --Allison Vilinski

I just wanted to thank you for all of your motivational and kind words to Cohen after this game. We are so proud of what he has accomplished and how hard he has worked. This is in part thanks to you and your program. --Christina Ottaviano

Thank you and your coaches.  Play Hard is a very well run program! -- Becky Lewandowski

Coach Umar is the best! My daughter Luisa has played the last 3 years. Your coaches do a really great job. I have been impressed since we first joined. We have done other sports programs and this is one that I will always recommend to others! -- Patrice Scelzo

Lucas was on the floor at the state tournament wearing the Play Hard Hoops warmup shirt. We had a great time the boys will never forget the trip. Lucas had a lot of fun this season on the play hard team! -- Mark Bailey

Trevor really enjoyed the winter league. It was a great program for him. -- Liandra Day

My 3rd grader loved your winter league and your programs in general. --Denise Holtz

Thank you so much for running this league. Silas loves it, and we plan to continue in the future! --Amy & Lloyd Lam

Thank you for a great spring basketball season! Tommy has learned a lot and enjoyed playing. He will continue to practice what he learned this summer and he’ll be back next season. We can’t say enough good things about PHH! -- Kristi Pozniak

Both Meredith and Nora are really enjoying the camp.  It's great for us, too, since they are wiped out at the end of the day -- Elizabeth Duryea

Affectionately yesterday the coaches were calling him big man he loved it and told us all about it over dinner. He’s kind of positive nicknames add to the value of sports for kids. Thanks for creating a great environment for these campers this week. -- Sam Doerfler

Thank-you again for such a great, fun, and learning experience!  That is what it is all about!!  He is very excited for the next camp in July that he will attend! -- Renee Brosnan

He’s had a wonderful time this week, and is disappointed to miss even a minute of camp! -- Jessica Reshefsky

2018 Testimonials

Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know I thought the boys skills practice this past Saturday was outstanding. -- Steve Gillhaus

I also wanted to add how extremely pleased I was with the first practice last Saturday.  This was our first experience with Play Hard Hoops.  My 3rd grade son had a wonderful time and I was very impressed by how the practice was run.  I think it was great how the coaches approached the kids with expectations on listening, learning and having fun.  It showed the kids they can have fun but need to do what is appropriate.  I was impressed with the skills they learned, the hands on teaching and the constant rotation of activities (and coaches).  They were all important and perfectly run.  I look forward to seeing how the rest of the season goes and also look forward to many years with PPH - Laura Stine

First off, i just wanted to let you know that Spencer’s really enjoying PHH!  -- Elileen Flershem

Parker LOVES the program. He constantly tells me how much he enjoys it. Just wanted to tell you how much Parker enjoyed both sessions yesterday. You guys do such a great job with the kids. It’s exciting to imagine how much better all these kids will be two months from now thanks to all this terrific instruction.  -- Jeff Dickerson

I wanted to drop a line and let you know that Andy made it to the Arlington Heights A travel team. It's all the hard work that you and PHH did that is helping him a lot. His basics are in good shape. -- Chirag Maru

I am already able to see the skill development he picked up over the last few seasons with PHH.   -- Nick Amaro

Coach David, Caden made it to A team today. I am so proud of him and thanksful to you for all the help on him. --Yebin Zhao

Max is really enjoying the fall league, and he can’t wait for basketball camp this summer! -- Becky Salache

Thanks, David. You are the best!  You wouldn’t belief the difference in his play and you In part are responsible.  Another David Adelman success story. Wish you could see him. Now a Rock star -- Jeff Purvis

Thank you David - we owe a lot to you and the PHH coaches, THANK YOU!!! -- Sandra Crew

Thanks Coach A.  You greatly helped in the journey thus far!   -- Matt Rich

We continue to be so impressed with PHH. The kids improve significantly every week and by the end, they really can move it and play. Holden always enjoys it, has made a lot of friends through your programs and has gained a lot of skills and confidence. Thank you so much. -- Jennifer Seuring

My daughter Elizabeth has really been enjoying the Fall League! -- Sue Fedea

Firstly, we want to say how much we appreciate the league and classes you have at Windy City!  Our son, Tanner is certainly learning ALOT and is enjoying his time.  -- Caroleen Wheeland

You do great work teaching and preparing the kids! -- Jeanne Lentz

Thanks again for all the work you and your staff did with him during camp. He learned a ton! Loved it. He pretty much plays ball everyday in our driveway or at the park.  Talks about the things he learned and works on them.-- Jasan Sarantos

I wanted to send you all a thank you note for developing their skills and love for the game. Thank you! -- Prachi Kumar

Morning, it went well, she really enjoyed it and we have noticed a marked improvement in her skill set – please send our thanks on to Kevin and again, thank-you for the dialogue and follow-up, much appreciated. -- Kevin Cuttone

Also Gabriel loved the attitude talk yesterday and told us all about it at dinner.  Thanks for inspiring them! -- Bethany Doerfler

Hunter is loving camp this week.   -- Julie Solon

She really loved camp. And loved all coaches -- Patty Vassallo

Thomas had an awesome time this week. He really likes it. He is looking forward for the summer league -- Julissa Sweeney

It has been a real pleasure.  You have a fantastic program. I know Jack has really enjoyed it. -- Jeff Purvis

I have really appreciated the great sessions you guys do.  And Coach Ron is so patient and great with the young kids.  I have recommended Play Hard Hoops to a number of other parents. -- Sarah Tredo

We really liked your Spring clinics. We could see Fabian’s improvement in every game. -- Cristina Lopez

Just wanted to send a thanks again to you, Ron and the other coaches for another great session of Play Hard Hoops.  Duncan had a great time and we really saw a lot of improvement in him.  Moving him to the side with the younger kids was a great move...That really helped him get more involved in the games and boost his confidence. -- Steve Kalina

Rayhan absolutely loves play hard hoops.  amazing coaches!  thank you guys.  -- Xiao Feng

That was probably one of the proudest moments of me watching him play sports, because I saw my son evolving and playing with confidence.   I owe a lot of that to your group and program, and just again wanted to say Thank you. -- Adam Jacobson

2017 Testimonials

Great, Foster loves it! You have a great coaching staff so that is very appreciated ! --Julia Van Vliet

We thought the fall league was great.  It really helped Nick transition from a summer of baseball and soccer and to get ready for the grade school basketball season. --Stephen Williamson

We are so impressed by how much the players have all improved since they started with PHH.  It’s really a great program! â€“ Susan Stock

Chris had a great time in Fall League. â€“ Pauline Morgan

Wednesday’s are going great, he loves it and is looking forward to the winter session. – Dannett Mazur

I LOVED your program and tell people about it all the time.  â€“ Christa Wright

So nice to see how much your program has grown- well deserved!! – Heidi Albert

Once again, I wanted to drop a quick note and tell you how fantastic your coaches are. Holden’s coach (don’t know his name) is really so good. He is constantly directing, coaching, guiding, encouraging and giving great feedback. – Jennifer Seuring

It's really great that you have all of these programs for the kids...I feel that Drew learned so much in the last year.  Even Luke learned a lot for the short period that he did the one week summer session and he is looking forward to the winter program. – Randy Clark

They did it!!!  Thanks to your help.  Nathan made the 7th and Brandon the 8th grade team.  I can’t thank you enough. â€“ Adam Boehm

Thanks, Dave.  We really love your program and the super constructive criticism, drills, and coaching that you and your staff provide.  Jackson has improved so much from your instruction (and we are hoping Alina will too) – Becky Ballard

Thanks David.  Shaan is excited to play this season and I was impressed with your team of coaches.  â€“ Sunny Khorana

Thanks for everything with camp. He had a blast. – Matt Truding

Thanks for the summer camps, they have been really helpful and I hope you continue them every year, and potentially also have other camps designed around other school breaks.  I will be sending him back to your program starting Aug/ September after a short break. â€“ Chetan Dandavate

I have to say, I’m not sure how Charley is at camp, but he really seems to be enjoying it a lot!  He talked about it a ton last night and asked me to practice passing and some other drills with him, this is a kid who has never shown an interest in any sport!  He may never catch up, or score a basket for that matter, but I think this camp and the lessons he is learning have been so good for him, so I just wanted to say thank you. – Beth Grant

2016 Testimonials

Braden and Ryder both plan on taking the class again. It's an amazing class! - Terri Minc

Petra had a fantastic time at girls basketball on Sunday – she can’t wait to go back! - Paulina Caprio

He really likes your program.   You do a good job teaching.   Also is fun….. - Jim McGill

Thank you for the email recap. Samir really enjoyed the tournament and was very motivated after the wins on Sunday. He loved the

team and the coaching. Thank you for the positive experience! - Billyana Arif

Thanks Coach.  Trevor had a great time and loves the tough coaching- really appreciate the thorough summary - Patrick Todd

Also, I wanted to let you know that I am so incredibly appreciative of how Coach Ron and Coach Chris work with the kids. They are

passionate about the sport, work hard to  develop each and every child on the court, communicate well with the kids, and regarding Ethan - they get him excited about playing...which is wonderful. Also, they often take their own time after practices to give many of the kids personal attention and extra tips. As a parent, knowing that those busy, young coaches are "off the clock" (and most likely have many other things they could be doing) - and they still choose to stay in the gym and give extra coaching to the few kids that linger around - that really speaks to their dedication and character. Thanks for hiring great guys who share and demonstrate your positive coaching philosophies! - Aimee Kravets

We were extremely happy with the program last year.  The coaches had an age appropriate intensity and the other players brought a good level of competitive competition to the play each week. - MIchele Shrout

Thank you very for all the years of training as he would NOT have been able to do it without Play Hard Hoops coaches. - Shodkodko


Jackson was the second highest scorer and played great defense, thanks to the great foundation he received with PHH. - Lori Clark

Thank you for giving him this opportunity to work with your coaches and other players.  It built his love for the game,confidence and self-esteem which was lacking and helped bring out his wonderful personality - Gloria Cahill

On a side note, Sayer had an AMAZING time last week. The program was fantastic and they really seemed to work on a lot of skills while still having lots of fun. I'll definitely keep you posted. - Jennifer Jankowski

The skills practices have been OUTSTANDING, as always. I really like the coaches. - Jennifer Seuring

Quick note-- Braden is truly loving b ball, and you and Ron are a big part of that. - Shaun Frizielle

-we know that he will feel at home and joyful every Sunday at the Windy City Fieldhouse. Thank you to you and your staff. - Richard Snee

He is absolutely loving the Sunday league with you!!!  I'm so glad we kept him in it. - Jessica Drescher

Also- your program and your coaches are obviously and uniquely enthusiastic. What a difference that positive energy is for motivation.

- Suzanne Moller

I'm a fan of your program and share with all the folks I know - Joy Schwartz

We love Play Hard as you run a great program. - David Gonsky

My daughter (8 yrs) took a thursday evening basketball class with Playhard Hoops at windy city.  Are you going to be providing the same type of class this fall?  I hope so - she loved it! - Molly Luthman

Grant is loving it. Great coaches, great program. We love it! - Jason Smith

Thank you for leading the program this fall and winter.  Tyler loves playing hoops and really enjoys the program you have put together.   I believe he's progressing well for being in 1st grade and playing hard against the 2nd graders.   Thank you for pushing him was a terrific assessment and decision for him. - Brian Olsen

Thank you for all that you and coach Ron have done with the kids. Alex has really gotten in to the game as a result of your coaching.  It's been great to see him develop and hope we sticks with it. - Phil Hinojosa

Just want to pass along our thanks for the program the past two sessions....It's all relative, but we saw a lot of improvement with Duncan this past session...Ron has been awesome keeping Duncan involved and more importantly, kept it fun... - Steve Kalina

Thank you for all of your hard work.  My son, Dylan, really enjoyed the program.  I was also impressed with the level of coaching and skills that the program has. - Mike Nygren

I wanted to let you know how much I love your program. It has been great for Mathew, his skills have grown tremendously and he has really enjoyed it! - Tracey Boemmel

We definitely plan on coming back to Play Hard Hoops in the future. lots of great foundational skills, and Coach Ron was fantastic with the developmental league kids. - Jeff Mchugh

We had a great, great time and will mull all this seriously. your guys did a great job.  - James Warren

Thank you for a fun season that was very entertaining and educational for the boys.   Johnny really enjoyed being a part of the program and has wanted to keep going with the spring basketball session because of his experience this winter.

- John Zachara

This is our first time in Play Hard Hoops and the boys have really enjoyed it. My husband and I are really happy with the program. - Aimee Prybl

Charlie and Luke absolutely love Play Hard Hoops and were telling some of their friends about it who live West of the city - Kim Connolly

I asked Charlie what his favorite sport is to play yesterday and he said basketball and baseball.  A couple years ago it was soccer and football. - Jason Kehrberg

Thanks for another great season. We continue to be so impressed with the coaching and improvement of these kids. I agree that the team play is greatly improved and all of the kids got so much better. - Jennifer Seuring

Ben is really loving Wednesday skills and he is signed up for the spring league..are you offering anything else for his age in the spring? Our season is over and I would love him to be playing at least twice a week. - Jen Van Eekeren

Our son (Grant Gugino) is thoroughly enjoying his time with his Wisconsin teammates. We love, and are impressed with, your coaching approach! Thank you. Michele Legacy - Gugino

By the way, Bryce's grandpa said last Saturday was great. He really enjoyed himself. - Jay Erkman

Just wanted to let you know Ron does an amazing job with the kids. We love when he's here. Thank you!!! - Michelle Brooks

Yes, both my daughters will be there tomorrow.  Alexandra at 12:00 and Gabby at 3:00.  We really have loved the program! - Anne Luburic

We really appreciate the program you offer the kids, very well run and always positive. - Brent & Jessica Becker

Thanks again for everything. The boys love your program and are definitely getting better. - Andrew Shrout

Love the new page!  My son Tyler spent all morning combing around and reading what was written.  He was smiling from ear to ear when he saw that Henry was player of the week.  Very well done coach.  Thanks for everything that you do and promoting basketball and the love of the game to the children in our community.  - Brian Reed

Congratulations coach!!!! We are so glad to be part of these league. Loving the website!!!!! - Ampa Stelle

You are an outstanding coach and so impressive watching how you've transformed these boys into such great players. You are an excellent instructor and motivator. Charlie takes basketball very seriously and hangs on every word from his coaches. I'm so excited he has this opportunity to be a part of your team. I appreciate so much everything you do. Thank you! - Lisa Kehrberg

Andy is truly enjoying the league thus far. And coach Ron is really great! - Chirag Maru

As for your basketball program, I don't think anyone in the city runs a better one for young kids.  We've tried the other local programs and thought they he learned a lot more about the sport at Play Hard Hoops.  I have really appreciated the time and effort each of your coaches has spent with him. - Will Frampton

First of all thanks for all you and your other associates have done working with Josef…although he is not an elite and skilled player he has improved dramatically. - Marty Gaggiano

You are so great at what you do, it was fun to see you in action impacting so many kids every week. - Katie Gafrath

He really enjoyed Play Hard Hoops and is planning on participating again at some time. You have a great program and the growth we saw in Brogan in that short time was impressive - Erin Brown

We appreciate all the years of working with you. You have a great program! - Michelle Pratt

Thanks again for 2 more great seasons with Play Hard.  You and the coaches do a FANTASTIC job with the kids.  I’m looking forward to getting Graham back with your group soon! - Steve Jackson


Both of my children really LOVED the camp last week. - Anne Dybek

I just have to tell you that my daughter, Mia McRoberts, is having a blast at camp. She can't stop talking about it. The best year yet! - Kara Gibney

Thanks for the Camp, Shreyas had a great time and wanted me to sign him up for the next session. - Chetan Dandavate

Well-organized, great coaches, exciting games, fun swag. My son, Jarrod's, loved it! - Tim Cohen

My daughter really loved her week of camp, her first exposure to basketball! - Andrea Pofferberger

You guys have a great organization and my boys love playing in your camps – Jon Schaefer

I wanted to thank you for organizing and running a great basketball camp. My son was hesitant to go Monday morning, both from the perspective of getting off the couch on a Monday but also because he said he wasn't very good at basketball and he would get teased. It's now Thursday morning and although the wii might still win out over hoops in a draw, he was awarded camper of the day (twice!) and comes home each day smiling.
Mother of Hoops Education Basketball Camper

As a former camper myself, I can say that part of who I am is because of this camp and I love being able to come back and teach these kids every summer.

Ben Johnson - Current Hoops Education Basketball Camp Coach


Larry learned a lot from your program. We love your program. He made it to winter BG travel team this year - Hongmei Deng

I wanted to share some exciting news! Both of my boys made the Hinsdale Inferno Travel Basketball Team. They developed a lot of skill and talent at Play Hard Hoops! Thanks for a great program.  - Kristin Zaun

He loves Play Hard and both Joe and I think it is a great program.  - Courtney Westmeyer

Jack has really enjoyed the summer league and we would like to continue you him in the program throughout the year. – Kuzmerz Family

He had a great time and we feel his game is improving  Also bringing some other families with us to the league this year.  They saw Jacob's growth from his practicing on Wednesdays and it speaks volumes for Play Hard – David Gonsky

Boys came home VERY happy – Nada Weiss

Again I have to thank you for running such a great program. I returned from a business trip in San Fran last night to find Trey beaming about his new PHH shirt and how he can’t wait for the next session. We had a really great experience this last go round. – Beth Knaster

Drew loved hoops so much, and was so happy to win a title. Thanks for a great season, it was really fun to listen to him talk about each game, as well as watch him play – Corey Benjamin

And thanks to you and your Winter Developmental League, Ezio is now a basketball FANATIC!!! – Alyssa Kleinsmith

It's been great for my daughter Cammy.  Ron does a good job with the girls and teaches the technical and tactical parts of the game well.  – Derek Niepomnik

Thanks for the note David.  Matteo and Mason had a lot of fun.  You and your coaches ask a lot of the young players – I love that.  Awesome to see how much fun they had and how they are developing.  Looking forward to the Spring sessions this week! – Jerome Nolasco

Thanks for a great season.  It was a well-run league, and Nathan learned a lot. – Karen Perritt

You have a fantastic program! – Kathleen Pseja

Wilson loves it! Great program. – Kim Smiejek

We have really enjoyed the current league & feel it is extremely well run. – Valerie Campbell

I wanted to tell you that the coach Daniel (the wizards) had today was excellent! He seemed to really get close to the kids and give them great instruction – Margie Goldblatt

Brandon was very pleased with his personal effort yesterday and how it translated to a better performance on the floor.  He said, "playing that hard really made me tired".  I had to laugh and replied, "that is why Coach A calls it Play Hard".  Thanks for all your support. – Brian Reed

Thanks for all the great emails, you do a nice job with this league! – Joan Jablonski

I wanted to tell you that we, as a family, are so grateful to you and your staff for the excellent coaching that Eli is currently receiving at PHH (and Sam previously).  Having also experienced other basketball programs in the community, it is clear that your approach to teaching the skills and play of basketball to kids is exceptional.  Your staff are focused on the children and provide the right amount of encouragement and feedback.  It was my first chance to see the Tuesday, 7 pm class this past week, and I was again impressed at the level of instruction and the kids/response to you and your staff. – Mindy Gold

Everyone has been impressed with how much Kyle has improved from your program.  We really appreciate the league! – Anne Luburic

Just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for the program that you provide for the kids.   The time and dedication that you and your group put into the Play Hard Hoops organization, has impacted Ryan in big way over the past 2 years.  To see where he is this year, in comparison to last year during your weekly class, it's pretty safe to say, a lot of that is owed to your program. – Adam Jacobson

I really wish I would have signed up before, this class was very good!  My boys loved it, and they felt they learned something. – Dane Drotts

I also wanted to pass on that as always, Ron was a FANTASTIC teacher yesterday (as was the other coach-not sure of his name). – Neal Gold

BTW-The clinics were great last night.  My son, Jay really liked the session and couple of the drills that we had not done in practice. – Jeff Ralston

We have LOVED the program and the improvement we have seen in Jillian's skills. Please keep us on the distribution list. I hope that a Spring or Summer camp session will work! – Melissa Leuck


Play Hard Hoops helped my son in a way that will make him a better man in the future.  Sportsmanship, courage, teamwork and discipline are just some of the characteristics and qualities that you instill in the boys and girls that are a part of Play Hard Hoops. –Erica Thompson

it was so much fun! Our 4th boy team had a total blast. My son primarily plays soccer and has played travel soccer since he was 6. I haven’t seen a smile on his face when he was playing on the court in a really long time. Many thanks for all that you do!! --Jennifer Seuring

We have LOVED the program and the improvement we have seen in Jillian's skills. – Melissa Leuck

Spencer has been having a really fun time with the league and I took him to a gym Sunday and see how quickly he is making strides. Big thank you to you and the other coaches! – Michael Sigal

Thank u for all your great coaching techniques. He has learned a lot from you and your coaches! – Stephanie Silverman

Collin has had such a great time with PHH that we'd like to sign his sister Charlotte up for this session – Jim Kenyon

You have a great program, he has loved it! – Becky West

Looking forward to have Charlotte learn some great fundamentals, since both of her brothers have done so well with your Fall leagues the last few years! – Robyn Tolva

I just signed Kyle up for the winter development league.  He improved so much in the fall league and we really enjoyed the program. –Anne Luburic

Also, I thought your coaches clinic you did a couple of weeks ago at the Libertyville Sports Complex for the Libertyville Park District league was awesome. – Rich Angelbeck

Larry and I want to thank you for EVERYTHING that you have done to make him a better player both physically and mentally. He has truly enjoyed working with you over these past five years! -- Ellen Bronska

I just wanted to thank you and all of Aaron's coaches for the last 5 years of Play Hard Hoops. He has developed immensely over that time and your program is a big reason why.–Errol Gerber

You have done an outstanding job with these boys David. I have to say Sam has improved so much in the couple years he has been in your program, and he LOVES it. –Matt Rhodes

I wanted to be sure to tell you that Friday night's session was fantastic for Sam. We've been playing our usual hoops on the driveway and I have NEVER seen him play defense (or as aggressively) as well as he is now. He repeated to us everything he learned. – Neal Gold

We love your program   You will see us a lot over the next few years ! –Jake Olson

Play hard hoops is a great program and larry has improved a lot.  –Hongmei

This league, more than just this one shot, has done wonders for him. He loves going, he enjoys learning about the game, and likes learning the skills and playing the game. Another great thing he learned was how to dribble between his legs (a goal for him!).  But most of all, I love how his confidence has grown. Thank you for a great time, and great memories!! You and your assistants are awesome!  - Marcie Pearlmutter

The confidence that Josh gained over the week was remarkable and every single person on your team was fabulous!  We would definitely recommend your programs and we look forward to signing Josh up again in the future! -- Scott & Susan Peterman

He really loves the spring league - so glad we are doing this! – Allison Alon

Bobby had a fantastic season with you this year.  Thanks for another amazing year! –Jill Seltzer

I believe Erik has advanced as a player and thank you for a great session again this winter –Julie Boehmer

I wanted to thank you for a great season of basketball. I felt like both of my sons were really challenged and improved. – Carrie Kondrad

Thanks much for everything David! Both Charlie and Jay learned a lot, while still keeping it positive.  –Laurie Carroll

Thank you for a great season. It was a great experience for me and my kids. We already sign up for the spring league.—Sherwin Benevides

I just want to say that this experience has been a really great one for Joshua.   He learned a TON and his skills  improved exponentially.  His coach (North Carolina) was the absolute best!  He worked really well with the kids and made the game fun while still managing to be firm.  I really liked him and so did the boys. –Liz Gold

David, I was very impressed with the program and thought it was very well organized and executed. Coach Kelsi and the other coaches did a great job with the girls and I noticed improvement among all players. Very good communication with the kids. My daughter Ava really improved a lot and had so much fun. She looked forward to it every week and wanted to do it more often. – Marty McManaman

Thank you to you - we love your program! – Jenny Hurd

I wanted to thank you for yours programs this winter.  All 3 of my boys have benefited tremendously from it.  (frankly, so have I...  I've been working on my left hand dribble and layup) – Colin Nance

We have been very happy with your program and hope that the times work out to have both our boys be involved in this program in the future. –Jill Thurmond

I thought he played his best game ever despite it being against much older kids.   Thanks for helping him with his development, he is so confident now! – Mark Ditsch

The league is great! Just thought you should know that your program stand out from the rest. – Mark Izraelewicz

Thanks coach.  It had been a true pleasure for us to be associated with your league.  You have made us all better from the kids, parents and coaches.  Look forward to having my youngest son experience Play Hard Hoops next year. – Brian Reed

Thank you for the tutorial. I really enjoyed it! Also enjoyed this article! Thanks for being such a great coach! We have really enjoyed playing with your league! I have enjoyed watching Jacob play, learn, and have fun! – Stephanie Silverman

thanks so much for everything!  Jaxsen has really enjoyed this league and we have really seen his confidence grow! –Leslie Forman

I love your programs David.  You do a great job with the kids.  Right amount of discipline and teaching.  Keep up the good work.  I wish I had this when I was a kid.   â€“Bill Fawcett

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the parent tutorial on Sunday.  I played varsity basketball through high school and thought your suggestions were right on the mark.  I look forward to trying your drills with my son Lucas. –David Daskal

Just a quick review of your program at Kits: We are very very impressed with the program and so glad we found play hard hoops this winter. We are already looking into summer basketball for our son (Anthony) with your program. We'll definitely spread the word around to our friends.  –Sharon Kim

Matthew K had the game of his life this past Sunday. Was very aggressive as guard. Drove to the hoop at least 7 time, and hit layups on weak and strong side. Dribbling routinely with both hands though less against better defenders. I attribute this to skills he is developing in PH. – Shimon Kahan

Thank you for all you do.   This is a great program! –Kelly Belew

just want to take a moment to say Thank You!  I appreciate how organized, professional and entertaining for the kids your programs are. –Liz Compton

Also, just wanted to thank you for running such a great league. Christian loves it & is learning a lot of fundamentals from you. As a coach myself, I really appreciate your coaching & dedication. –Joe Uremovich

Thanks again – your assistant coaches are fabulous and the boys love basketball thanks to your program. –Nancy Temple

David, it was exceptionally kind for you to take the time to write this. Connor has learned a lot from the Adelman experience. You run a very high quality organization –Noreen Heron

Erin’s involvement in your program has definitely helped her fundamentals & love for the game .. she’s been given a lot of opportunity on different teams because of your help.  So thank you! -- Jude Stewart

Both boys had a wonderful time today and we are thrilled with their progress and how much they are enjoying your program. -- Neal Gold

First, thanks for the great job you do coaching/training these kids.  It's terrific. -- Zorba Zettler

Thank you coach! These emails are great and very helpful. Kieran is having a blast and is learning a ton so thank you: -- Helen Cawley

Eric had a great fall session. He made the school basketball team, which I believe was a result of playing in your fall league. -- Barbara Hinch

Thanks for running such a great program.  Having done other basketball programs, we can say with great certainty that yours has been the perfect amount of competition and most importantly teaching.  Jack had a great time and is looking forward to the challenge of playing up with the 4th & 5th graders during the winter session. -- JohnTzur

Thank you so much. Bodie has learned so much from the fall league. I can tell that you really care about the kids and it makes a big difference. We look forward to the winter league. -- John Emanoil

We really appreciate your great work with these leagues, and we attribute Ian's skill development to them. We were reminiscing last night about how lost he was with a basketball before he started playing in your leagues! -- Jill Hope

Is really enjoying your class! Thank you! -- Lisa Moschin

Hi David.  First off, I just wanted to say thanks for the hard work you put into teaching the kids.  Alex has been playing organized basketball for 4 years now but after the tutorial he said to me 'I've always run in circles when I try to get open, I need to go in a straight line', and I could see major progress in that area in the game following.  I think he played his best game ever particularly on defense, rebounding, ball handling, getting open, and making the pass to the open man.  I love to see the progress these kids make.  Thanks again.-- Mark Ditsch

I am so happy I signed Noah up for your Fall league.  Yesterday was a great day for him and I really like the way you run the program and how your coaches interact with, and teach the kids.  I can tell he is going to get a lot of instruction on skills and strategy that he really wasn’t getting at the program he did last year.  -- Noah Levy

The confidence that Josh gained over the week was remarkable and every single person on your team was fabulous!  We would definitely recommend your programs and we look forward to signing Josh up again in the future! -- Scott & Susan Peterman


Your program is the best in sports for kids I have seen so far.  I am very impressed. – Elisabeth Girard

Also, thanks a lot for all of your work with Joey during the camp.  He had a great time and he learned a lot.  â€“ Jake Schlender

Also, I have not been able to take Sammy to class this session but I know he is having a great time.  Thanks so much for the great class! – Lisa Entin

Thanks for a great season! Jack loved every minute of it! â€“ Suzy Baldwin

Great job. This was, at least, Nick Taylor's second experience with your program.

He had fun and continued to learn the game in a healthy environment.—Mike Taylor

Your words of wisdom will mean a lot to him. Thank you for making a difference in his self esteem! Thank you for a great season!   The Shagorys are big fans of Play hard hoops! – Shagory Family

Congratulations on running an excellent program. My sons, Patrick and Sean, really enjoyed it.

Truest mark of a successful program is that both independently said that they really had fun and want to play more hoops. – Pat Doyle

Thank you for a fabulous program!! We could not have been happier with our experience and were extremely impressed with you and your team. – Jackie Kramer

Thanks for a great season. Jeremy had such a wonderful experience. He immediately said after the game yesterday "will you sign me up for basketball next year." That's big for him as he's usually not thinking about that until winter." -- Lauren Sitrin

I just wanted to pass along our Thanks to you and Ethan & Brendan's coach. They both had a great time this winter playing basketball. I especially want to say how much we appreciated their coach this winter. He did a fantastic job.—John Vanderlinden

I just had to let you know how much my son has enjoyed the season. He has never played basketball before and he is a very little guy. He was worried he wouldn't fit in or be good enough. He did fit in and was surprised by how well he did during the games.
He learned a ton and looks forward to playing again starting in the fall this time.
I also want to mention that he had a wonderful coach. He was encouraging and kind while teaching them a ton. – Laurie Hentschel

I wanted to thank you for a great experience this winter.  This season, TJ grew a lot as a player and more importantly as a person.  TJ has definitely seen that hard work, determination and perseverance can be rewarding AND fun.  – Brad Mangurten

My husband Nick was amazed by the second half of the Syracuse/Uconn game - (he arrived just in time for that as I had to leave) - much improvement - thank you. – Gwen Pontikes

First, I want to take a quick second and say that I think you are doing an amazing job with Play Hard Hoops. Justin is having a great time and working hard and learning how to be a team player. And while I’m not sure that a full ride to a Division I school is in the cards for Justin, he is really enjoying himself and as far as I’m concerned, that is the most important thing. – Ian Schwartz

Nicholas has really come a long way in the 2 sessions we have been a part of.  We would really like to continue the skill instruction to build his foundation of the game!  You have an excellent program – you have what many programs are missing, the foundational skills that kids need to learn good habits from the start! – Lisa Quiroz

Thanks again and great job with the kids! Andrew really enjoys your program and has come a long way in developing his skills.  – Vic Alexanian

Thanks for a great time so far. Grant is really enjoying, and I think you are running a nice program (it’s really fun to watch these games). I imagine the difficulty with a bunch of 7-year-olds, and with differing abilities, aggressiveness, and interest level. – Steven Goldsmith

I watch you with the kids each week.  You are awesome. thanks again…. – Brian Yellen

Thanks for the coaching, you backed up what I always tell him and his brother, the hard work is put in down in our basement. – Pete Galuppo

He was supposed to play again this year, however, a friend told me about Kits so I took a chance and brought Brady into Kits instead. I have to tell you that I LOVE your program and wish I had known about it 2 years ago! You and Coach Jacob do an outstanding job and I am thrilled that Brady will be learning and growing in his skills while under the direction of you two! I will be refering everyone I know to this league - it's absolutely amazing!

I can see the passion you have for the kids and the game and that is so comforting....Again - GREAT to be in your league!

Ti-Shen FIck


We (Rich and Jordan of course) will work with Tyler one on one.... He is loving being with YOU and getting SO much better. – Wendy Baum

Wanted to thank you so much though for your work with him and I know for a fact that it made a difference when it came to the tryout. A lot of good kids with size did not make it so I am thrilled that it worked out.

Dave Schulz

Mason enjoyed the fall PH league and he is looking forward to getting back at it this January. Thanks to you and your staff for a job well done.

Greg Weider


Thank you for a great session with Evan. He loved it and it really got him hooked on Basketball. I think it started a good foundation to learn about the game. You did a great job. – David Gold

Thanks so much for making Cam feel at home.  He really enjoyed it.  see you in January.

Brian Yellen

I just wanted to give you some feedback about how much Caroline is enjoying your current skills session for 3rd grade at Windy City. I also am very impressed. I am going to be coaching our 4th grade girls team next year and I feel like I have learned a ton just by watching your practices. I especially like the fact that you really take time to teach each child and don’t let them get away with doing the drill incorrectly. I have never seen Caroline actually practice her form until these last few weeks.have a good day!  the boys are loving this class, learning alot and really enjoying having you as a coach!!!!!

Kate York


Thank you so much for all that you have done for Brian Murphy.  He has been talking about his trip for the past 24 hours whenever something at home triggers a memory.  He had a great time and I'm sure learned a great deal about basketball as well.  Thanks for being an incredible role model and coach.

Julian and Kathy Murphy

You made my son's summer. Your camps develop skills as well as build confidence. I couldn't be more pleased with your program.
Happy Summer! Thank you
Stacey Kuchuris

On another note: Thank you for making the "away" camp experience happen for our boys. I hope the kids didn't drive you too stark-raving-crazy too much of the time. I don't know how you and the other guys do it! But I appreciate it, and I will look for opportunities to continue to support Play Hard Hoops.

Mary Jo Lestingi


The boys had a great time! And your staff was awesome. Thank you again. Chat soon.

Suzanne Anders



You did an excellent job and sparked a love of basketball in my son. --Suzanne Massel

Irv and I continue to be pleased and impressed with your program and our boys are having a great basketball experience this year.  They have both improved their physical basketball skills as well as their emotional ones!--Ali Kagan

Your weekly recaps and emails are wonderful, thank you. --Diane Thomas

Thank you for the consistent updates. Your program is very well run. As a parent that has been involved with many other leagues in various sports, it is appreciated. --Bill Sheehan

Jeremy’s really enjoying this basketball program so just wanted to let you know that and thank you for putting together a great experience for the kid. --Suzanne Sitrin

As a first timer I want to say "so far so good" Ryley loves coming to play and already I feel he's pushed himself to get better away from camp, doing drills in the basement that he hadn't really taken to before.

--Ryley Krull


Thank you so much for a really awesome session of Basketball.  Samarth thoroughly enjoyed and is always playing so much at home,he has developed a very positive interest in the sport.   --Juhi Adya

For sure we will sign Drew up for the winter session! Count us in!! Drew has had so much fun and has learned so much from you guys.  He can finally keep up to Corey!!!  --Jonna Benjamin

I have been so pleased with this program. I can see the progress Max has made( I know he has more to make, but he really has made strides, so I appreciate it) and he just loves BB.  --Traci Kogan

I just wanted to say thank you very much for a great Basketball season. Yonatan had a great time and has learned a lot!!!  --Liat Chelminsky

At this point, I would say there is a HIGH likelihood Ben would participate again next year! He loves it.  ---Allison Alon


Works great. We are in for the long-haul.  Nice work coordinating the 8 week program.  Dylan will be ecstatic.  He is having a great time and his skills are definitely improving.   --Phillip Gerber

Your class has been getting rave reviews from both the kids and parents!  --Laura Boehm

Thank you for such a great class - Nate really enjoys coming every week and now wants to play at home every free minute.  --Robin Duffy

Yes, he told me all about it. He loves that class and that was the highlight of his day today.

--Corey Anders


You did it just right.  Your communications, your candor, your commitment to giving these boys a great experience, and your following your own dream to make it happen.  You have a group of fans, both young and old, who will now follow you anywhere.  Thanks for making a difference in our summer 2011.

--Sally And Kyle Hunneke

Jamieson gave the camp experience an A+++.  He can't wait for next year!  --Kathleen Katz

Max keeps telling me what he would be doing at a certain time if he was at camp!...I think he is missing it!  --Lesley LeForge

Andrew loved it. The fun, the food, the freedom, the freinds. Thank you for making such a week possible. You did a great job, and I am very happy -- and really impressed -- with everyone involved. And I really liked the tweets!  --Mary Jo Lestingi

Well, the Manilow boys came home giving Ojibwa rave reviews!! You gave the right amt. of competition, variety of activities, choice and down time to make the week magical.  And, the counselors were amaaaazing.  --Lynn Manilow

He said he had a one on one shooting lesson with you and felt after that he really was doing better and the techniques you taught really helped him.  He loves playing and said he never tired of basketball. The games of course were his favorite. He thought the food was great, Counselors were terrific, he loved the water activities, and more I can not think of right now. It was all great!!! Thank you again!

--Carini Family

My son Chris had s blast!  Thank you for providing such an awesome environment for lasting childhood memories. You are an exceptional mentor and leader!  --Stacy Kuchuris

Thank you so much for giving Ryan an incredible camp experience.   He loved it and will definitely be back next year.  --Linda Myers


Just wanted to let you know that Andrew and Connor very much enjoyed the camp last week and learned a lot.  Thanks to you and to your staff.  --Brian Annulis


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Masters Hoops class.  It was very well run and I definitely looked forward to playing every week.  It was a great workout and really fun.  Great drills, great group of guys.  Thanks for running it.

--Greg Wallman

Appreciate all you've done for me and my game.  Has been lots of fun and by far the best run I've gotten in out here.

--Devin Griffen

I have enjoyed your program, and certainly have learned a ton. I will certainly continue the program in the next session, so please let me know when days are finalized.

--Adam Peche

Also, I want to let you know how much I enjoy the sessions and how good of a job I think you do. My son is only 7 months old but when he is ready (and assuming you are still in the biz) I will be sending him your way.

--Jonathan Romick

Coach A - Workout was great, but better was thinking about my 2 year old son everytime you lectured.  Was really terrific. Love the concept.

--Corey Fox


Thanks again for a top notch tournament!  I had a great time & motivated to get in even better shape this coming year!  --Jim Siwek

I really enjoyed your event. The referees, the event staff, and especially the training staff were top notch. Please send me the names and contact info for the training room treatment staff. They were exemplary at getting me back in the game when I thought I was done. I want to send them a thank you note.

--Eric Moore

Was a great time, and best run tournament I've been too.  --Jim Hornacek

I really enjoyed playing in Master’s Basketball Madness Tournament this weekend!   This was a great tournament for a great cause!!!  Keep supporting the PeacePlayers International.  This was  2nd Annual 40 and Over basketball event here in Chicago, and I see it growing each year you have it!  It was absolutely the best Chicago tournament I’ve ever played in.  Your leadership, the trainers, the uniforms, and the facility were all first class!  Keep up the great work!  --Alan Wright


Jonah had his first tournament this weekend. I could really see a difference in his play. His posture, his tenacity, his "moves", (still needs some work making the shots), his confidence. All you! Just wanted you to know what a difference you made, in such a short time. Great teaching!

--Jackie Jacobs

I have to let you know that he loved your class. He thought the class was too hard on the first session and did not want to go back. He went to the next session, though, and not only enjoyed it but felt he really learned from you and your class.

--Melanie Hoffmann



I thought the tournament was a huge success and look forward to playing in it next year (we have to defend) – Kenny Harvey – Bring it Back

Thanks for everything!!! you ran a first class tournament.  Word will spread on this one!! – Chuck Whitman – Captain of Champions Bring it Back

You and the whole Masters tourney was awesome too! Love the stats, video, and memories! Overall, I really enjoyed the tourney and the whole experience. You are on to something unique and worthwhile here. – Todd Tyrell – La Boca

You did a tremendous job and everyone I spoke with enjoyed the weekend. – Jerry Simon – Co-Captain Team Zico

Great spending time with you this weekend.  Terrific job with the tourney.  First class event in every respect. â€“ Brendan Touhey – CEO Peace Players, Intl.

The level of play was very high and the Tournament was a lot of fun.  I wish we pulled out a victory, but we are gearing up for next year. – Rick Schnall – Captain of Sunday Run

You d'man!!! Unbelievable weekend. Unlike your local gym at home or at a fantasy camp, the Masters Madness tourney brought together some of the best of the best of 35+ year olds from across the nation to compete in a manner they did as kids.  Kudos to the organization, level of play and amenities. – Brian Kriftcher – Captain Stamford Peace

The 2010 Masters Tournament was the equivalent of playing AAU basketball from High School. The level of competition was very high and the venue was first class with all the bells and whistles including but not limited to “live stat streaming” so friends and family at the event could watch live on-line. – Michael Arnold – Captain LA Quakes

Thank you for helping to give me the opportunity to play this past weekend.  I am confident that I have developed some relationships that will continue long into the future. This weekend exceeded all my expectations and I thank you for that. – James Miller – Individual player on LA Quakes

Coach, you did an amazing job. The games were great the players were very solid ball players which makes for great competitive physical but CLEAN basketball. Congratulations on a very successful 1st step to a great tourney for many years to come. You are going to push me to stay in shape for many years to come. – Michael Foonberg Captain of La Boca


I thoroughly enjoyed being one of your players.  You always had the perfect mix of getting us prepared and focused, but also recognizing that at 40-plus years for most of us we could not necessarily execute the way we did 20 years ago.  I think that is an amazing skill you possess.
Eric Kriftcher – player on 2009 World Maccabiah Team

I had a great time and enjoyed playing for you. I appreciate how much you believed in me and allowed me to grow as a player.
Marc Jacobs – player on 2009 World Maccabiah Team

David, you are a leader. Taking the helm of a ship with 12 "headstrong" players" is not an easy thing to do. You once again made it look easy. I know it wasn't. It was an honor playing for you.
Marty Applebaum – player on 2009 World Maccabiah Team


I wanted to thank you for organizing and running a great basketball camp. My son was hesitant to go Monday morning, both from the perspective of getting off the couch on a Monday but also because he said he wasn't very good at basketball and he would get teased.
It's now Thursday morning and although the wii might still win out over hoops in a draw, he was awarded camper of the day (twice!) and comes home each day smiling.
Mother of Hoops Education Basketball Camper

As a former camper myself, I can say that part of who I am is because of this camp and I love being able to come back and teach these kids every summer.

Ben Johnson - Current Hoops Education Basketball Camp Coach

I just wanted to send a note letting you know how much our son, Will Arndt, enjoyed the camp at Windy City.  He and his buddies had a great time and really enjoyed the structure of the days and the variety of events that kept them all engaged.
Tom Arndt – Father of camper for Hoops Education Basketball Camps

Hoops Education is such a great experience for all--we wish Tim's whole team would join in--they need it!!!
Anne McCollam – Mother of camper for Hoops Education Basketball Camps

My son DeJaun attended camp this past summer, and enjoyed himself very?much. I wanted to make sure we stayed in contact with you so that he'll be?able to attend in 2004. I appreciate what you did with my son this summer.?His game has improved as well as his attitude.
Chantel Jackson – Mother of camper for Hoops Education Basketball Camps

My children, Sean and Clare, were thrilled with your basketball camp.  We traveled from Beverly each day to attend.  I have never seen them jump out of bed so easily before.

It is refreshing to find people who are more concerned with developing good people.  Basketball has given our son Sean a confidence that he had lacked before.  His success on the court has transferred directly to his success in school and to a new found outgoing nature with his peers.  Your great coaches made our kids feel great about their abilities.  It is such a boost to a child's self-esteem.
Elaine Pendergrast - Mother of camper for Hoops Education Basketball Camps


Your class has been getting rave reviews from both the kids and parents!

Laura Boehm

josh seems to really love the basketball class. if you do another round, count him in

Stephanie Widman

We are in for the long-haul.  Nice work coordinating the 8 week program.  Dylan will be ecstatic.  He is having a great time and his skills are definitely improving.

Phillip Gerber

In a world of where there is a win at all cost attitude, it is refreshing to have a program that has it’s priorities in order. David Adelman and Play Hard Hoops care about teaching the fundamentals in a fun environment.

Every spring when our Highwood Small Fry season comes to an end, many of our parents ask me for recommendations either for travel teams or skill training. David is on my short list of true teachers of the game. Combine his expertise with an ability to make learning fun, and you’ve got the formula for individual improvement.

For 41 years, the HSF program has hung its hat on the same philosophy to prepare players for the next level. We are happy to recommend to our players with a true passion for improvement … Play Hard Hoops.

Verne Reich - Highwood Small Fry Head Coach


You did an excellent job and sparked a love of basketball in my son.  He’s excited for your summer camp in June.

Suzanne Massel

Jeremy’s really enjoying this basketball program so just wanted to let you know that and thank you for putting together a great experience for the kid.

Suzanne Sitrin

Irv and I continue to be pleased and impressed with your program and our boys are having a great basketball experience this year.  They have both improved their physical basketball skills as well as their emotional ones!

Ali Kagan

Thank you for all of your informative emails along the way. We also wanted to thank you for a really fun and well run basketball league experience. Micah looked forward to going every week. He really learned a lot and we appreciate your great staff.

Ariel Derringer

Great job this season and appreciate all the time, effort and dedication towards the program and the kids!

Henry Persons

Thank you for the consistent updates. Your program is very well run. As a parent that has been involved with many other leagues in various sports, it is appreciated.

Bill Sheehan


You're a TERRIFIC guy, David, the way you worked with the kids and were so positive, so believe me, it was EASY to write about your people skills and your positive attitude (even when you had a bad head
Rich Curtin

It was a pleasure having you teach basketball to the kids at the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Westchester. All the parents had really nice things to say about the clinic.

Sorry we will be losing you as I had hoped that you could get even more involved in our skills training.
Duane Fiedler

Sounds like a great opportunity, but can't say how sorry all at EABA will ?to see you move away.  You made all that we did 100 times ?better.  Definitely want to keep in touch.?
Joe Jessup

You are a terrific coach who has a unique ability to work with kids in the most positive of ways.
Larry Smith