we are delighted to bring our coaching to your home during this time! our hope is that play hard hoops can be a POSITIVE RESOURCE and presence THROUGH VIRTUAL PROGRAMMING FOR THE KIDS -

"Thanks PHH, for offering these fun and educational virtual opportunities for all of these kids. You are sparking great interest with newcomers, and giving your long time players continued growth opportunities along with the benefit of seeing the faces of teammates and coaches." -Peggy Taborek

"The zoom trainings were wonderful for my 1st and 4th grader. They enjoyed the classes and improved on their basketball skills. Plus they were able to burn off some energy too! For my 1st grader, I loved the class Coach Ron did where he worked out their whole body. My son was tired at the end and sweating which is great for these times when they are stuck inside a lot. For my 4th grader, I loved the class Coach Adelman taught specifically on shooting. That is an area she needs to work on and it reinforced the basics which is amazing. Both of my kids enjoyed the dribbling class on Friday afternoon. It is nice to refine skills as well as challenge them." -Tanya Roth

"Thanks so much Coach! This was the highlight of the week for Myles. We hope you and your family are feeling healthy!" -Krissan Jennings

"Thank you so much for organizing the zooms. The boys loved it!" -Cristina Ottaviano

"This was amazing. Thank you so much. I was so happy to see her enjoying it." -Kathryn Metz

"We can't thank you enough for all of your program's efforts over these past few weeks. We are honestly flabbergasted by all of the opportunities that you have presented to children, ours included. Our son, Colin, has really enjoyed the opportunity to work on his skills with you and your amazing team of coaches. He has progressed from barely being able to get the ball through his legs once, to completing countless between-the-legs crosses with only one dribble in between . . . he has even started to progress beyond that, and is starting to dribble through his legs repeatedly without a single dribble in between." -David Bauer

"My boys had a fantastic time. Thank you!!" -Jinny Kim

"Today's footwork and agility session with Coach J and Coach Ron was incredible." -Daniela Burnham

“The coaches were great and easy to follow along! Our boys were also so excited that they received individual attention and coaching to make the class more interactive. This was a great carryover from the skills classes. They keep asking when their next basketball “class” will be!”We thought the classes were great for all the kids and looked  orward to them. The breakout by age and summary of the class was also helpful so we know when to attend/what the class would be doing. The classes and the April videos have given us something to work toward until things go back to normal!" -Rachel Blair

"Thanks, coach. Nicholas really enjoyed the sessions last week and will be doing all three this weekend. He wants you to know that they really helped him improve others skills aside from shooting. He said Zoom worked well." -Jeff Rheeling

"Thank you for doing this for all of our kids. They are loving it." -Michael Handal

"Thank you for the great workout today! It was so fun to see Gabe enjoying basketball again, he loved it. We really appreciate you doing this for the kids, it is so helpful for them to stay connected to the things they love." -Wendy Deters

"Will enjoyed his first, ready for more" -Bill Hawkins

"Cole was so excited to connect with you guys!! I’m so glad we were able to log on! Thank you so much for offering these workouts to your p layers!!" -Jessica Turner

"You guys do a great job and we are very happy with your efforts to keep the kids having a normal schedule (with great instruction). Keep up the great work!" -Jason Lewis

"Thanks for the weekend development sessions w the kids! They’ve been great & Gav has been enjoying them." Ericka Wentworth

"I wanted to say THANK you! Max enjoys all these workouts so much. When he hears your encouragement it literally makes his day. Thank you for providing these." -Candrice Haight

"Please do more!" -Rachel Kamin

"Thank you for putting the zoom sessions on! It is so great to have something on our daily calendar. The boys have been playing outside on the driveway, but it’s nice to have something structured. Thank you for all you put into the program!" -Kristin Blomquist