play hard hoops 2020-21 warriors (Vernon Hills) travel season


*Please note that Play Hard Hoops will put health & safety first for all participants, but playing travel basketball in 2020-21 is with full parental consent

4TH Grade Practice: 6:00-7:30PM Thursdays Adversity Center

5th Grade Practice: 6:00-7:30PM Thursdays Adversity Center

6th Grade Practice: 7:30-9:00PM Thursdays Wheeling Park District

Begin Week of October 26 - December 14th - 8 weeks & 90 Minute Practices

COST: $300

January-March Practices 

Begin Week of January 4th - March 8th - 10 weeks & 90 Minute Practices

Extra Practices Possible with Costs Separate

COST: TBD Depending on Costs

Game Schedule: 

10-12 Game Schedule in 2020-21



4th Grade Coaches: Arthell Rosquist & Derek Mason

5th Grade Coaches: Arthell Rosquist & Derek Mason

6th Grade White: John McMurray

6th Grade Blue: Kevin Kaiser


PHILOSOPHY: We will teach the fundamentals of the game and learn team concepts I believe help teams succeed.  We will understand the concept of motion offense / sharing the ball.  We will understand that team defense with an understanding of man-to-man concepts must be played unselfishly.  We will focus on playing hard, competing regardless of the situation we are faced, as a team can overcome talent deficiencies by competing harder than its opponent.


Play Team Basketball

Play W/Passion

Play For Each Other


Skill Development – Execute Fundamentals

Improved Knowledge of the Game

Be Part of a Team – Love Your Teammates

Motivated For Future Improvement


Practice Hard

Be a Good Teammate

Be Coachable

Dear Vernon Hills Families:

Thank you for your interest in the Play Hard Hoops Travel Feeder Program. Play Hard Hoops finished its 4th travel season with 6 total teams and had great success. While winning is not the priority for the PHH Travel Feeder Program, PHH teams had success in 2019-20. Our goals for the program are to provide coaching that will give your son a greater opportunity to develop their skill level and knowledge of the game as they progress in the game of basketball. While this season will be the most challenging season in basketball history, we believe that PHH can provide a great basketball experience for Vernon Hills Families. We hope that the travel players in the program develop friendships and enjoy being part of a team. At the end of the season, I sincerely hope that the boys will be motivated to work hard at the game of basketball. There are no secrets in being successful as a player; hard work, patience, discipline and a desire to compete regardless of the consequences.

Play Hard Hoops will also run its 11th Annual Developmental League on Saturdays &  Sundays for 4th-5th grade players that choose not to play travel basketball or do not make one of the Vernon Hills Feeder Teasm

Thank you again for your consideration of Play Hard Hoops for your basketball development. I can be reached at the phone #/email below.

David Adelman
847-420-8115 /

Expectations for the parents before you select the PHH-Vernon Hills TravelFeeder Program:

1)      Playing time will not be equal but earned. However, all players will play in every game they attend, and all players will receive substantial playing time.  We want players to understand the importance of attending practice, listening, working hard and playing team basketball.  Playing time issues are never to be discussed in front of the kids or on game day.  If you have any issues regarding playing time, please contact me on Monday or Tuesday when we can appropriately discuss.

2)      While we hope to win games and will try our best to put them in position to win games, the importance of winning and the outcomes does not measure to the process by which we are trying to win.  Teaching the process of doing the right things will come before winning.  I am certainly hopeful that if the players improve throughout the season and build good basketball habits, we will have the opportunity to win games.

3)      Parent Behavior is important to Play Hard Hoops and it is important to your son: Please refrain from attacks on officials.  Please refrain from talking about other players on our team and our opponents’ team.  Please refrain from being overly critical of the coach.  Please maintain your perspective that this is youth basketball.

4)      There are going to be failures/successes/terrible officiating/bad parents, bad coaches, and some perplexing moments.  All experiences are not good experiences, but they are all learning experiences that we hope will help each kid become a better player, person, teammate.


SPRING TRAVEL SEASON INFORMATION 2020 (No Season Due to Covid-19 - Plan to Return in 2021)


10 PRACTICES & 4 SHOOTOUTS - $550 + Any Uniform Fees



MONDAY, MARCH 16TH at Lifetime Fitness - Vernon Hills:

6:00PM-7:00PM - 5TH GRADE

7:00-8:00PM - 6TH GRADE

8:00-9:00PM - 7TH GRADE

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18TH AT Ela Sports Center - Lake Zurich

7:00-9:00PM - 5TH-7TH GRADE

FEE: $25 (Will go towards Fee If Play on 2020 PHH Warriors)

PRACTICES: Mondays or Thursdays - Lifetime Fitness - 90 Minute Practices : 6PM-7:30PM or 7:30-9PM

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: Play Hard Hoops has been running a winter travel program for eventual Stevenson HS students for four seasons and would like to extend a travel program for area kids in the spring.  This program is designed specifically for  motivated basketball players who may or may not also be playing a spring sport.  The scheduling of shootouts will be designed specifically around the spring sports schedules of players.  There will be a minimum of 10 practices over 8 weeks  to prepare for shootouts, work on fundamental skills and game concepts taught by Play Hard Hoops that mirror the concepts for man-to-man offensive and defensive success.

COMMUNITY SPRING TRAVEL BASKETBALL: Play Hard Hoops Spring Travel will offer community travel basketball teams to any city: Vernon Hills, Lake Zurich, Wheeling, Buffalo Grove, Etc.  PHH will staff qualified coaches with an understanding of PHH Philosophy, book practice facilities, & shootouts. Community teams can provide own uniforms to eliminate uniform fees or purchase PHH Warriors uniforms.  Cost - 

For More Information: