Play Hard Programs-Philosophy

Play Hard Hoops Core Philosophy is to teach the fundamental skills of basketball in an encouraging environment to help develop young basketball players of all ages and ability.  Play Hard is an instructional program that stresses teamwork, sportsmanship and the overall benefits of having a positive attitude.

Play Hard Hoops Program Goals

1) Teach the Fundamental Skills of Basketball

2) Teach Game Concepts to Improve Knowledge of the Game

3) Build a Passion for Playing Basketball

4) Teach Life Lessons Through Words of the Day(Listed Below)

5) Create a Safe Environment where Players of all Ages, Ability and Experience Can Have Fun

What is the Play Hard Program?

* Developmental Basketball Classes - K-3rd grade

* Skills Basketball Classes - 3rd-6th Grade

* Developmental Leagues - K - 6th Grade

* Summer Basketball Camps - K - 8th Grade

Keys To Success - A Three Pronged Proven Method of Teaching

* Entertaining, But Substantive Fundamental Instruction

* Unique Team Coaching Philosophies & Management

* Direct & Honest Communication With Players/Parents


Play Hard Hoops Testimonials


Play Hard Hoops Words of the Day (Lessons Taught For Lifetime Use)

*Enthusiasm - Have Fun & Love What You Do

*Teamwork - Be a Good Teammate - Work With Others

*Character - Be a Genuine & Honest Person - Leader

*Attitude - Be a Positive and Good Person - Handle Good & Bad Times

*Gratitude - Be Thankful - Appreciate What You Have And Not What You Don't




Locations Of Play Hard Hoops Programs:

Windy City Fieldhouse - 2367 W. Logan Blvd - Chicago

Adversity Center - 710 Corporate Woods Pkwy - Vernon Hills

Lifetime Fitness - 640 Woodlands Pkwy - Vernon Hills

Kildeer School/ CountryMeadows-Woodlawn - Long Grove

Canlan Sportsplex - 28156 W. Northpointe Blvd - Lake Barrington

Volo Sportsplex - 26705 W. Commerce Dr. - Volo

Whole Body Fitness - 6125 N. Cicero - Chicago

Sachs Center - 455 Lake Cook Rd - Deerfield

JCC of Milwaukee














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